Why the world needs JiFleet

> 95% 

Fleets fuel payments based mostly on fueling cards

Card are anonymous, easy to fraud and hard to manage. 
Hardware-based solutions are costly to deploy and maintain.

> $100 bn

Global fuel theft from fleets

6.5 % Average global fuel theft from fleets in the developed countries.

0.2 - 0.7%

Payment processing cost

Traditional payment processing cost usually based on % of the transactions.

Other problems:

  • (Fueling) Cards logistics and management

  • Fleet management and fuel management are done on different platforms

  • No real-time sync

  • Fuel cost

  • Un-efficient fuel load carry



What we do and the benefits it creates

To create a solution, first one need to understand what the problem is. JiFleet’s team did 100s of interviews with fuel stations’ owners and operators, fleets’ managers, C-level management of fueling and fueling cards companies and performed over 100 of hours of observations, measurements, and interviews of drivers, in fueling stations. The solution designed by JiFleet requires no additional hardware installation at the stations’ or the vehicles’ side and can dramatically improve the practice of fuel payment, management and financing for fleets while creating value all players in the fueling game.

JiFleet provides a telematics-based solution for fuel payment, management, and financing, integrated with fleet management platforms. 


Real-time telematics data from the vehicle and fleet management platform is used to identify the vehicle and driver, and based on the actual fuel consumption, fuel level, and other parameters (including diver's compensation plan...), JiFleet provides real-time risk management before a fueling transaction is authorized. After authorization is accepted from the fleet’s credit provider, we remotely activate the fuel pump, with the transaction limited to the risk exposure authorized. From the moment the process starts, all data is immediately presented over the fleet management platform. 


Based on our risk management engine and on and on a money wiring payment process, JiFleets provide a platform for credit providers that reduce payment processing costs, eliminate operations related to any physical elements (cards or hardware) and allow new types of credit providers to their clients (leasing companies, insurance companies, banks) for financing their fuel consumption, based on existing KYC and credit terms.

JiFleet changes the way fuel is paid for, managed and finance.

   Telematics companies


  • Improving customer value

  • Added features and products

  • Easy up-sale of high-end products

  • Increase revenues

Fleets operators


  • One holistic fleet management platform

  • Real-time sync of all fueling related transactions

  • Reduce fuel costs

  • Reduce fuel theft

Fuel companis


  • Loyal customers

  • Stations stores’ sales optimization

  • Fuel sales and operation optimization

  • Uniformed  stations’ efficiency index

Credit providers


  • Fuel financing platform for new and existing credit providers

  • Reducing operational and infrastructure costs

  • Reducing credit processing fees

  • Market growth



  • Fuel financing opportunity

  • Long-term relation with the clients

  • Added features and improving driver UX

  • Monetizing telematics

  • And more Data Data Data Data...


Holistic fleet management solution
manage all fleet's fuel aspects from one, already in use, fleet management platform


Reduce cost

reducing fuel theft and providing a platform for fleets to use any credit provider to their choice, or even directly paying to the fuel company


100% virtual solution based on the existing  system with no need in any additional hardware  component

Mobile fueling

fueling interface embedded in the existing driver’s fleet interface (mobile app or terminal)



Authorization process

only an authorized driver could fuel authorized vehicle at authorized sites with authorized fuel type (in addition to validation algorithm)


Value-based pricing

JiFleet solution based on software integrations only, with no additional hardware or even credit/fueling cards. The billing is managed online, and the payment is done by money wiring, By implementing new tools and methods JiFleet changes the way fuel is paid, managed, and finance.


JiFleet solution dramatically reduces the fuel-fraud risks for the fleets, operations cost for the credit and fuel companies, lowering prices, and still generating higher profits to all the players and enabling us to use a pricing model not common in the automotive and fueling industries.


We use value-based pricing and revenue sharing and not the usual model of integration + monthly fixed fee, and  I hope you'll find our model fair and acceptable. 

Telematics companies and fleet management platforms providers sell our solution as a feature in their product and share revenues with us.

Fuel companies pay us, or 3rd parties that work with us (providing remote fueling API), a price that per liter sold through our platform, eliminating the direct credit fee involve with cards-based payment.

3rd parties (integrators, POS providers, and soon technology providers too) has several options to price their service:

  • Revenue share with JiFleet's revenues from the fuel companies.

  • Fix fee per transaction event done through the 3rd party's API.

  • Fixed fee per vehicle signed to our service X (The number of stations the 3rd party brings / The total number of stations we work with).




Process and architecture


About Us

Our story and how JiFleet came to be

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Far, far away in the midst of the middle east, in a hot country, full of wonders, innovation, and technology, there was a man.

This man has or rather had, a problem which was this: he was surrounded by comfort and automation, he merely had to think of something and it was delivered to his doorstep by a swipe of a finger (on the proper app) until he had to fuel... 


In this country, the fueling experience involved the use of colorful plastic cards (or pieces of papers). The card had to be swiped in a machine, that traditionally refuse to accept it, when it finally did, the machine then asked the man, politely but firmly, to type a long series of numbers on a, usually, miss functioning keyboard, many times missing a random digit, before it allowed him to fuel. Of course that if the man made a mistake in typing one of the numbers, he had to repeat the process to his delight.


The machine operators, who understood that this process might be sub-optimal, decided to improve the process by adding an intercom next to the machine so the man could easily call an unseen entity and ask for assistance. Unfortunately for the man, this entity was usually away from its side of the intercom or just too busy to answer, When it did answer, it was firmly, but politely, instructed the man to follow the machine instructions...


Many other solutions were suggested to that problem, but most of them involved a time-consuming line waiting or the use of expensive and not so efficient hardware-based infrastructure to replace the colorful plastic cards, which is strage because it was not the plastic cards who were un-happy.

And so the problem remained...


JiFleet is not about this man story and not even about his fleet manager, although they were a source of inspiration, but, it is the story of improving the fueling processes, making it simple, transparent and safe, like most of the rest of the (modern) world surrounding us. JiFleet provides an alternative to fuel payment, management, and financing for fleets, that improve the all echo-system users' experience and practice.


JiFleet started as, yet another, mobile app for fueling. Understanding that such apps are available on the market, and still not in common use, JiFleet's team was looking for the missing link that could make it work on on the way was exposed to the challenges involved in specifically with fuel operational and financial processes in commercial fleets. As difficult as it is with fleets, it is just a piece of the puzzle on the way for solving the challenges related to consumers, and so, we decided to first provide our solution for fleets!


With the vision to create real and significant value in the fleet fuel operation and financing, we started a process to design and build a game-changing technology. With a team of experienced enthusiastic technologists and entrepreneurs, we conducted a long  and thorough global research process of the fueling market, from meetings with regulators and C level management of fuel, credit, and fueling cards companies, huge fleets' operators, and owners of telematics companies, to working in fueling stations, until we came up with our unique design that is changing the world of fuel management, payment and financing for fleets as we knew it...


JiFleet is the story of our solution :)


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Let's take fueling to the future

Let's take fueling to the future

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